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If your child is unable to attend school, a telephone call before 9.15am on the first day of absence is required. The answering machine is always on. An explanatory note to the class teacher is required on return or by the third day of absence.

Registers will be called each day at 9.00am and at 1.20pm. If a pupil arrives after the registration period they must sign the lateness book in the school office. They will then be registered 'late' for that session. If for any reason you need to take your child out of school during the day you will be required to go via the school office to have them signed in and out by a member of staff. This is in the interests of the children’s safety.

If a child has diarrhoea and sickness, he/she should not return to school until free of symptoms for 48 hours. The school office has details of symptoms, incubation and exclusion times of the common infectious diseases.

Please remember that children are disadvantaged when holidays are taken during school time.

Please see our attendance policy below for information regarding attendance expectations and procedures in school and holiday requests in term time 

Attendance policy 


Medical Information

During the first year at school, after obtaining parental consent, the school nurse, will offer your child a height and weight check, to ensure they are at age related expectations . At various times during the year, the school nursing team  also offer more specific checks e.g. sight, hearing, speech, dental. If parents or staff have any reason for concern individual checks can be arranged.

When children join us, parents are asked to complete an 'enrolment form', giving a daytime contact number to be updated as necessary. These details will be useful if your child becomes unwell or has an accident during the school day. Members of staff are trained to administer first aid if required.

It is not the school policy to administer medication to children during the school day without written parental permission. Long term arrangements can be made in extreme circumstances if supported by a doctor’s note.

Medicines are administered in line with the LEA directives:

  • We need to have written instructions from the child’s parents before we can administer medicine and a form needs to be completed by the parent.
  • Medicines prescribed by the doctor with the child’s name and details of dose on the container can be given to children in school hours. 
  • Calpol/ paracetamol can be administered at the discretion of the school staff 
  • Only medicines that need four or more doses per day can be given in school hours.
  • If your child needs an asthma inhaler or epipen in school it should be kept in the medical room (named) and will be available at all times. It remains the responsibility of the parent to ensure these are kept up to date. 
  • Medicine Consent Form