​Culworth CEVA Primary Academy

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Courageous Advocacy

An important part of our vision is to be courageous advocates and work to make a difference to causes our children deem special, important and meaningful to them

Please look at the work below on what we have been doing so far this year...

copy of courageous advocacy at culworth primary academy pptx.pdf

 Our children are passionate about spreading the message to our community that our world matters. They created and presented the below Powerpoint to the school

school council litter project.pdf




 How has our project changed how our pupils think?
"It has made me notice litter in other areas of the community and when I visit places" 
"It has made my children pick up rubbish they see when they walk to school, or are out on trips" Parent of Year 2 children
"It has made us think about how to keep our school and village much cleaner. I made posters to teach others too" Alexandra Year 3 
"It makes me want to help and make a difference" Lucia Year 5