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Welcome to The Curie Class...

...and our very own web page for family and friends to see what we've been doing in our class.

The name Marie Curie lives on today as the name of a well-known charity that supports those living with terminal illness, but it is the original Marie Curie who we have to thank for her huge contribution to the fight to cure cancer. Throughout her career in scientific research, Marie Curie's determination and perseverance led to numerous different discoveries that we still use in medicine today.


In the Curie class, we hope to have just as much determination as our namesake. We leave you with a quote that highlights how we aim to live and learn: 


​Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves.

 Spring Term 2024


 Children in Curie class have been learning their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. From these facts, they have learnt how to divide using their times tables. We are moving onto dividing and sharing numbers this term.

Year 1 have been learning how to use number lines to 20, adding on from a teen number and securing their number bonds to 20. The children use concrete and practical equipment to enchance their maths skills. We love to take our learning outside and search for maths around the school!








Last term Curie class learnt and created fact files about the Arctic. Curie class learnt about the Arctic climate, what animals live there and the adaptations of polar bears. 'The Snowman' and created descriptive characteristics about 'The Snowman' using adjectives and noun phrases! In addition, Curie class practise their handwriting daily.


This term we are learning how to write letters to 'The Earth'. We have been learning about the features of a letter and how to layout our letters. We will be telling the Earth what we love about it and ways in which we want to save it. The children have loved giving their suggestions on how they want to save the planet!





Reading is a great passion in Curie class and crucial for success. Reading enchances the children's imaginations, vocabulary banks, comprehension and analytical skills. Curie class reads every day during the ReadWriteInc phonics lessons. Children are grouped effectively to ensure every child is learning at their specific challenge level. Children work with a partner to practise their reading skills. They learn their phonics sounds by learning 'special friends' and spot them in words using Fred Talk. In addition, they are taught to speedy read and read 'alien words'. 








This term we will be carrying on with learning about animals and plants!

The children have been learning about mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and amphibians. We have learnt what features each of these groups has and created fact files about polar bears and puffins! Curie Class now have a super animal knowledge and are able to tell the differences band similarities of each group of animals.


We will be learning about the features of plants, what plants need to grow and about a variety of UK plants.





We do 2 PE sessions a week. PE is one of the children's favourite lessons and they learn ball skills, running and jumping skills, gymnastics 

. The children have yoga sessions with Mrs Beesinger every other week. This helps the children regulate and improves their stretching skills. They also learn how to co-operate in team games too.

 Summer Term 2023

newsletter spring term 2024.pdf