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Welcome to The Attenborough Class...

Our reception class enjoy learning in exciting ways.

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The reception class is named after the famous natural historian David Attenborough. Sir David Attenborough has presented many documentaries on the BBC about natural history including the Blue Planet, Life on Earth and Green planet. He has been able to show through his videos how animals interact with nature and how humans impact the world of animals. In Attenborough class we will learn about the life of David Attenborough and his prominence in supporting issues to support the planet. We will learn about the four animals that are on the endangered list that are our house point houses: Red Panda, Green Sea Turtle, Yellow Bee and Blue Polar Bear.



Welcome to term 2 - Summer


This term the children will be exploring countries around the world. They will look at a world map and consider how countries are impacted depending on where they are located, particularly in terms of their climate. They will find out about what life is like for the people who live in that country. The children will be continueing  their focus on the seasons and will be exploring what happens in summer and how people and animals adapt at this time of year. They will then explore what is beyond the earth by looking at the sun, moon and the planets within the solar system. Finally, they will consider the damage that is taking place on our planet and how they can help to protect it. 

We continue teaching phonics using RWI and start spelling words and writing sentences with support. Please look out for additional sound sheets/ditty sheets and reading books or sound blending books to support your child at home.

In number we will look at numbers to 20 and larger numbers. We will continue to look at the numbers to 10 in detail. We will look to use our understanding of number to solve problems. 

​Information about what your child is doing weekly is placed on Tapestry and any other useful information will be sent in weekly memos. Tapestry is also where you can see the progress they are making and the types of focused activities they are completing in class.

As usual if you have a general query please see your class teacher in the morning or after school, or send a query via the memo messenger function in tapestry. If you have any questions/concerns about learning or supporting your children please contact the teacher who can arrange a time to talk with you in more detail.

Summer Newsletter 

 Please see an more detailed outline below of what we will cover this term.

attenborough parent newsletter summer 2024.pdf